Mrs J. Powell

Head Teacher at Brading's


Mrs Powell is a prim and proper woman, always seen in fitted suits of either black or navy with her hair tied into a knotted bun. Her half rimmed glasses always connected to the silver chain around her neck.


Appointed as Head of Bradings when it re-opened last year she has seen record results within the year with most students improving their grades within weeks. Her methods are currently unknown to anyone outside the school as both she and the other teachers at Bradings rarely are seen outside the school.

She has only spoken to the press once about the success of the school, it was in September before the new year started. The article in question was in regards to the M.I.B. The mysterious corporation that funds Bradings and a few other schools in other countries. She would not discuss much to do with the company other than the fact that it was the funding they gave which allowed Bradings to perform at the standings it has.

Mrs J. Powell

Brading's School For The Gifted Rastawn